Our Friend, Shawn

This is my friend Shawn. Shawn sells ‘The Contributor,’ a newspaper sold in Nashville by a variety of people that are usually homeless or because of a messy past, are unable to get hired in other places. The paper tells the stories of the people that sell them. It gives them a voice and it helps to give them a better life. Shawn stands outside and sells the paper every day at the end of 16th Avenue South, better known as the “roundabout with the naked statue at the end of Music Row.” :) He smiles more than anyone I know and has one of the most genuinely kind hearts I’ve ever met.


I’ve gotten to know Shawn really well over the last year because I don’t live too far from his daily post. I don’t know every detail about Shawn’s life. I do know that he was sentenced to life in prison but while in prison, Jesus came and rocked his world and helped him get out after 20 years because so many of the charges against him were dropped. It makes me understand a little bit of why he could possibly be such a happy person because he has had so many victories to even get to where he is. 


Shawn’s story is one of victory, redemption, and faith. He already has a beautiful story. But I know that you and I all have the chance to help Shawn excel in the coming things he wants to do. Shawn is currently living in a motel that is miles away from his daily station which means that most days he spends a lot of time walking to and from his post. As we go into winter, it’s a pretty brutal trek for him to make each day when he is also standing outside the entire day. He is trying to move into an apartment that is nearby his post so he won’t have to walk so far. The new apartment would also be more cost efficient than his current situation in the motel. Shawn also has dreams of starting his own t-shirt business. He’s already spoke with people who will want to partner with him. 


The main thing right now is that Shawn needs money. He needs money coming into this winter so that he can move into his new apartment and so that he can start his own business in the spring. Please please please consider being generous and giving to Shawn in this coming week as we wrap up this fundraiser for him on Crowdrise. Whether money is something that is possible for you to give right now or not, please pray for Shawn and his future! Thank you so much. If you are able to give, click on this link to be directed to his page or just go hand it to him yourself! : https://www.crowdrise.com/helpshawnthecontributerman/fundraiser/sarahrademaker