Why I Love Nashville, Tennessee

I love Nashville, Tennessee. I love how there are a million and one coffee shops in this city and I love the fact that it is socially acceptable to sit in coffee shops 24/7, mainly because everyone here is very creative and has cool creative-like jobs (or at least they look like they do.) I love that there are also a million and one churches and that they seem to all be filled with people every Sunday and many of the days in between. I love that you could go to a church service on every day of the week if you wanted to. I love that tourists want to come and visit this city. I love that you hardly ever see more than two Tennessee license plates in a row because there are so many people from all around the country here. I love that the city seems to always be in this ebb and flow of a shifting buzz from country summers to college autumns to cozy winters. I love that there is no lack of places to hear or play music. I love that people still buy records here. I love that conversations seem to always drift back to Jesus or music or coffee. I love that almost all your friends here tend to be musicians, or writers, or designers. I love that people dream really big. I love that there is no shortage of rustic wood, brick buildings, or cool lighting. I love that people have a lot of faith in important things. I love that it is a small town in a big city and that when you meet someone new they will somehow be intertwined to everyone else that you know. I love that you will always hear about music and rarely hear about politics. I love that there are a lot of people that genuinely support each other. I love that every kind of music has its place here. I love that even though we aren’t in the deep south, it’s still southern and the people show it in the best way. 

No, Nashville isn’t perfect. But in so many ways Nashville has been this amazing fit for who I am. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago I had no idea that somewhere existed like this. I still want to see a whole lot more of this world because I think that it is incredible that God has created so many unique places that all have their own cool quirks and culture. And amidst all of the countless towns and cities in the world, I love that you can still find a place that feels like home right from the start.