When Our Dreams Look Impossible

The more I continue to work on music and immerse myself fully into this journey that I see God calling me on, the more it looks impossible. I constantly have ideas of how I think things will turn out and usually it ends up looking a lot different. Thankfully there are unexpected positive twists thrown into days where I need that extra encouragement to keep pushing on. But how do I or any of us really keep moving in the midst of the impossibilities? 

I recently read a blog post by Jon Acuff that rocked my world and spurred me on. You can read it here: http://acuff.me/2014/07/nashville-many-musicians-missing-one/

This post reminded me of a truth that I often forget. If I have the dream in me, then I’m not the only one fighting for it because it was put in me for a purpose unique to me and my life. His post is pretty short so I recommend reading it! Even if that means you don’t finish my own post. He says it a bit better anyways:)

The truth is that your dreams and determination are needed, no matter how many different people out there doing what you want to do, because no one can do it exactly like you can. As hard as it can be to believe that, we need to believe it. Otherwise we will find ourselves disappointed and wondering “what if I had gone after that dream and didn’t give up before I gave it a full try?” I would rather have less money in my pocket and at least know that I gave the impossible a shot than play it safe and always find myself wondering “what if.”

So yes, pursuing music sometimes feels impossible. And I’m sure that whatever you want to do sometimes feels impossible. But don’t count yourself short of what you are capable of just because it looks like more than you can handle. Give it a shot and remember only you can do it the way that you can and you aren’t the only one fighting for your dream.