New Single Out Today!!!

Today “Over My Heels” releases online! Yay!!! You can get it here:

I’ve branched out and created an upbeat and not depressing song (y’all know how much I love those) with the creativity of Paige Blue. She’s dang good. And I’m biased but I really think this song is too;) It’s super fun and I genuinely hope you listen and that it makes you clap your hands and sing along because we can always use more of that in our lives. 

I’ve also been thinking about how if the purpose behind this song is for me to just grow more of a following, that’s pretty lame. However if it actually is fun for people to listen to, then there’s much more of a purpose behind it. So from the place in my heart that is constantly hoping to create something that’s much more important than myself and my human tendencies to care about how ‘popular’ my music is, I truly hope you enjoy the song in itself. Rant finished and I hope that you were able to somehow follow my thoughts there:) 

And now a BIG thank you to all of you that take time to read these thoughts of mine and listen to my music. I seriously appreciate it so much. You keep me encouraged to continue pursuing my dreams. Also I especially appreciate hearing feedback about ways that some of you relate and hear the words I write. So thank you thank you thank you. I’m so excited to have this song released because it’s so awesome seeing something that you work on being brought into the public light so other people can see it too. So thanks for making it worthwhile:)

And now some facts behind the song and how it came to be: 
-It’s the first song that Paige Blue and I wrote together.
-Paige brought me the hook “My head is too far over my heels” and we built the entire song off of that.
-When we first started the recording, it was really just a scratch demo for us to have the song for later reference. But after I heard the initial musical elements she added on the demo of it, I knew that I wanted to fully complete and release this song.
-Paige is a mindreader who knew what I wanted to hear on this song before I even knew myself.
-It’s a fun song about falling really hard for someone else.  (I’m sure we can all relate to that with at least one instance in our lives)
-A music video has already been filmed for the song and will be released in the coming weeks! YAAAAAY
-And last but not least, there’s more music being recorded right now that I’ll be releasing in the coming months! 

PS. I love hearing from people so feel free to send a message letting me know what you think about the song or letting me know what’s on your heart or saying you want to grab coffee or sharing your biggest dreams and how I can help or really just saying anything you want to at all.