New Single Out On 11/13/15!!!

One week from today my new single “Over My Heels” will be released and I’m really super excited:) As I try to come up with unique words about why I want you to listen to this song, I realize that’s hard because all the words have already been said before and because self promotion is not all that fun. But I do hope you listen because it’s a fun song and even when you take me out of this entire equation, the song is good because some really talented and incredible people have worked on it and brought it to life. 

BIG shoutout to Paige Blue. She’s talented with all things music. She’s taken my complete confusion as to how to create a full band song, and an upbeat one at that, and turned it into a real thing. This song is the first one that Paige and I cowrote (and I’m VERY happy to say there’s lots more from where this came from.) She also produced and mixed the song because she’s that talented. I’ll stop with that because I could go on for days about how thankful I am for the way God has used Paige as a friend/writer/producer in my life. We also brought in Alex Kaptain, who nailed the electric guitar parts on this song. These people helped create a sound for this track that I most definitely couldn’t have come up with myself. They are wonderful.

Another massive thank you to Miss Kelsey Ferguson. To my friend and manager, thank you for your endless amounts of encouragement to do the things God puts on my heart and to be the lady he created me to be. I appreciate every little bit of it. You believe in me even when I barely can. And thank you to all the friends and family that are always constantly supportive. In a city full of people chasing lots of dreams (which is amazing) your words always mean a lot to me and help to spur me on. 

To sum up my hopes for this song, I hope that you listen and that it makes you want to sing along or clap your hands or stomp your feet or all of the above. Also working with your friends is the best thing in the world so every chance you get, do it.