My Hopes For Christmas This Year

I hope that nothing feels like ‘too much’ other than the amount of Christmas cookies I eat.

I hope I’m able to somehow soak up every little bit of joy there is to soak up. This is my favorite time of year (I don’t think I could possibly accurately let you know how in love with this time of year I am) and I want to be able to fully enjoy it the way it’s intended to be enjoyed and celebrated.

I hope that my mind truly stays in celebration mode because that’s the entire reason Christmas even exists. 

I hope that my family time feels honest and vulnerable and exciting and funny.

I hope that home feels like home did when I was 8. Where there seems to be endless amounts of peace and nothing feels stressful and nothing is on a to-do list.

I hope that when I’m back with my family and hometown friends that I’m able to be the person I’ve grown into, not the exact person I was when I lived there. 

I hope that my dad tells a lot of old Christmas stories and that my mom reads funny and dramatic Christmas cards that we were sent.

I hope I spend time falling asleep in front of the fireplace and then waking up in a panic because my entire body feels like it’s a million degrees. 

I hope I get to have a sleepover with my niece and nephew. 

I hope I watch lots of dumb and cheesy Christmas movies. 

I hope that I write really wonderful new songs with my younger brother, Levi.

I hope the people I’m with, and the ones I’m not, know how insanely thankful for them I am for them. I feel like I’ve literally been blessed with the most incredible people in my life and I want them to know that.

I hope I see the new Star Wars movie and that it’s really amazing.

I hope it snows and is a white Christmas in Minnesota but also everywhere because that would be really cool.

I hope that at the end, I don't feel like I need a vacation from Christmas vacation. But that I feel rejuvenated and excited for the new year.