I’m currently writing this at midnight all on the last 7% battery life left on my computer because apparently this is the best time to be inspired so I’m taking it while I have it. 

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a song called Naked. The song chorus sings “I’m a little scarred and I’m a little bruised. Cover up don’t fix the damage but it was never intended to. I don’t understand why we hide who we are. All our passions. All our dreams. Why do we shove them in the dark? Let’s be naked with who we are.” (If you aren’t aware yet, this isn’t about being physically naked... although you maybe opened this due to the name. hehe:))

To be honest, I don’t entirely know what it looks like to be naked about who we are. It’s just so normal to dress up our lives making some parts look better and hiding other parts that should actually be seen. It’s especially prevalent in social media. I know I’m guilty of it. 

And I don’t think being ‘naked’ with people means spewing everything in your heart out everywhere because there are thoughts only meant for ourselves or for specific people. But as long as I’m willing to share a lot of good parts of my life with people, I also want to share the fact that not everything is perfect but that’s what makes the good parts good. Things aren’t amazing because it’s all I’ve ever experienced. They are amazing because I’ve seen hard times and situations turn into really beautiful things. And being naked about who we are and where we've been can sometimes be the only way to make the beauty visible. 

When I wrote ‘Naked’ I didn’t realize how much of an anthem it would be for a lot of my life. I continue to see more and more how I just want things in relationships to be real. I’m finding that things work a million times better when I’m as honest as I can be with people and when others show me honesty and vulnerability. When you know something is real, whether it be a person, relationship, church, dream, etc., you aren’t waiting for it to turn around and surprise you or let you down. You already knew it wasn’t perfect from the start because it didn’t try to hide behind that image. I’d hate to act like everything in my life was completely flawless and have some facade to constantly work to hold up. What a waste of energy. I’d rather use energy being open and honest because I think for all of us, that’s the part that the world needs to know. And being known feels so good and is so freeing. 

I hope I continue to find more ways to be genuine about my life more than just writing about it. But I also think this is a start so here is me being ‘naked’ about a few pieces of my heart. And as always, feel free to reach out and hit me up about anything you read because I love being able to talk more to specific people.

-I thought that within 5 years of breaking up with my high school boyfriend I’d be in a new relationship and I’m not. And 98% of the time I feel totally cool with that.
-I check social media a million times more than I really should because it’s not the best for my heart. 
-I majorly struggled with body image stuff on and off from about 5th grade through my second year of college. I think it’s crazy that as humans we create our own standard of what beauty is when we can’t really help how we look anyways.
-I am already a little nervous for January because putting away Christmas decorations makes me sad and sometimes I end up super down in the dumps during that time of year. But I’m claiming that that will be different this year. (But also feel free to send me words of encouragement during that month:))
-I obviously love people being happy but still wished people enjoyed sad songs the way I do because they are usually my favorite songs to write. 
-I used the name ‘Naked’ as the title of this post because I figured more people would read it. To me writing something that no one will read sometimes feels scarier than writing something that everyone will read.


PS. Want some more SUPER honest writing? Read Christa Black’s blog. She’s currently doing a sex series and it’s really interesting. It’ll make you want to read all of her words.