Snowy Day Thoughts

Turns out snow days are just as magical as a 22 year old as they were when I was 10. Today Nashville is completely shut down thanks to constant ice and snow falling which I’m quickly learning is not something that southern cities are prepared for. 

I’ve spent my day drinking coffee, procrastinating, and trying to organize my recent journals of songs by deciding which songs are worth refining and which songs don’t need to be revisited. 

It’s strange looking through lyrics that define my past. Some of the songs are awful and one in every couple dozen pages holds words that I think hold glimpses of artsy hope. But today I’ve been reminded that even the cheesy songs or confusing lyrics were worth  writing. Because I am wired to write. It’s how I was made. It’s how I sort out what I think and feel and it helps me dig deeper in so many ways. When I don’t write, it’s like I end up missing out on this whole other realm that God has for me. 

Maybe for you it’s writing or maybe it’s something else. But today I want to encourage myself and you to do the thing(s) that you are wired to do. Take time and be intentional to focus on those things because otherwise you could miss out on a lot. And it would be a shame to let a beautiful life spin out of control in front of us without us being able to enjoy it.