I’m part of an incredible small group. I’ve been with the girls since my freshman year of college. We’ve been through all kinds of highs and lows together. Anyways, last night in group it was briefly brought up that the idea of ‘be you’ is super popular right now. And while that statement can sound kind of cheesy, I think it has a lot of great meaning. 

What does it mean? 

I think it means that you try to stop caring so much about what other people are thinking about you and that you do your best to be yourself, whether that be in work or relationships or dreams.

Recently ‘be you’ has impacted my life, specifically my writing, a lot. It’s encouraged me to write songs in the style that I like to write and to not worry quite so much about how other people want me to write. I’ve also seen that when you are yourself in your work, it often ends up better anyways. And for the times that it doesn’t turn out the best, at least you can feel confident that you did things true to who you are. 

If I’m going to fail at something, I’d rather fail at it being true to myself than faking myself into someone or something else’s mold. 

There are some books that have STRONGLY helped me as I work on “being more myself.” Specifically, Scary Close by Donald Miller, What To Do When It’s Your Turn [and it’s always your turn] by Seth Godin and Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs. 

For real, check out these books. The more we are ourselves, the better life feels.