Scattered Thoughts About Being Home

I’m currently home on the farm in Minnesota. Being back in the house and town I grew up in always gives me ALL of the feelings. To be honest, I don’t know exactly the point of this “post” other than the fact that I feel like writing and have time to sit and do it without distraction. So we will see where this goes!

Today I find myself nostalgic about my past and about Red Wing. I love my hometown SO much. But I also know it’s not my “home” in many ways anymore and Nashville has filled in those spaces. Still, my memories from here are absolutely priceless. It’s weird that today I can come sit at the local coffee shop, Caribou, where I used to be a familiar face and now go unnoticed. If I walked through the halls of the high school today, I would recognize a handful of teachers as opposed to my high school days where every single face looked familiar. 

The Sheldon Theatre, Red Wing High School, Fiesta Mexicana, Highway 61, Pioneer Road, Bay Point Park, Memorial Bluff; These places make me feel both at home and like a stranger. But I think that’s okay. I have to remember that there is a whole lot of beauty in growing up and moving on. It’s beautiful that we can have places that meant so much to us in our past. And it’s also beautiful that there are different seasons in life that bring us on to new things that are just as special. Seeing the old things remind me how amazing life is and how there is incredible pieces of a story in each of our lives. 

I suppose I mainly wrote this for the same reason I usually write/journal; to help myself sort out my feelings and to come to a conclusion that shows why there is beauty in whatever reality I am sitting in. But I hope that some other brave souls who moved away from home at some point or moved on to different seasons are able to relate because sometimes I think we all feel like we walk on a tightrope between what is familiar and what is new and what is unknown. And that feels scary. But it’s also really beautiful.