Alright friends. So back in December I released my acoustic cover of One Direction’s song “No Control.” You can see it here: http://bit.ly/nocontrolcover Now some really cool One Direction fans have taken it upon themselves to actually turn “No Control” into the band’s next single just because they love the song so much. I think it’s awesome to see fans showing how passionate they are about one song and getting behind it to make it heard by more people. Things like this remind me that the connection between music and people is a lot bigger than we realize:) 

The fans have declared this Sunday, May 17, No Control Day. They are encouraging fans to request the song on radio stations, stream the song, post about the song, etc. to show support and hopefully turn this song into a single. How cool!

So I’m writing this to say 1)I think this whole thing and excitement around the song is super cool and I’m proud of the fans and 2) that it would be a dream come true to hit 100,000 views on this video of mine. It’s currently at about 71,000 views so I really need your help you get it there.

How you can join in: 

  1. Just watch the video (http://bit.ly/nocontrolcover)
  2. Share the video on social media 
  3. Use hashtags! Here are some you can use: #NoControl #ProjectNoControl #WeWantNoControlAsASingle #OneDirectionNoControl 
  4. Tag me in your posts on social media! Use @AnnaMaeMusic for Instagram and @AnnaMaeHoffbeck for Twitter:) 

Alright guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!