Ramblings on Kacey Musgraves' Album, Pageant Material

Praise The Lord for Kacey Musgraves' newest album, Pageant Material. It came out last week and dang, it’s just so good. I can’t stop listening to this album so here are my unorganized ramblings of why I admire and applaud Kacey and her new album.

First, this album is bursting of real songs full of real thoughts that manage to be so unique. As enjoyable as listening to the radio can be, most of it just sounds the same, especially when it comes to lyrics. It seems like most songs are just telling the exact same story. But the songs on this album tell different stories and that is one of my favorite parts about the whole album. Kacey is writing songs for real people, not for people that the music industry assumes us to be. Especially looking at “Pageant Material”, “This Town”, or “Good Ol’ Boys Club”, you can hear how these lyrics are so different than other songs being released today.

Also if you listen to country at all, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are currently very few females breaking through in comparison to the overflow of male artists being played on radio. I don’t know exactly the reason for that, but I think it’s clear that you have to really create something classy and unique in order to succeed and stand the test of time as a female in country right now. And it looks like Kacey is one of the only people doing that. Cheers to Kacey (insert clapping emoji)

For those of you who don’t listen to country but are still interested in good songwriting, I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to this album because the songwriting is undeniably great. She manages to use interesting words that most songwriters wouldn’t touch because they would assume they can’t fit in a song. But she makes them work! And these songs are so clever. You really can’t help but listen to most of them and smirk because they are so well done. (Check out “Biscuits”, “Pageant Material”, “This Town”, “Family Is Family”, “Good Ol’ Boys Club”, “Cup of Tea”, aka pretty much the whole album to hear some clever lines)

Thank you Kacey for challenging the way that music is being created right now, especially country. Thank you for doing something unique and for inspiring me and many others to run with our own personal styles and outlooks on life. Life is made a lot more interesting when we all share the different ways we see it without trying to stay on some road already paved. 

Album favorites: Dime Store Cowgirl, Pageant Material, Somebody to Love, Good Ol’ Boys Club