Legacy Hill Farm

Photo by Delight Photography

Photo by Delight Photography

As many of you know, I grew up on a farm in Minnesota. What some of you may not know is that over the past year, my parents, older sister, and brother-in-law have turned the farm into a wedding venue. (I still get chills when I write/say that:)) 

Before Nashville, I had spent my entire life on the farm and loved it. I loved the space that comes with living in the country. I loved that it meant I could wear my bikini every. single. day. in the summer even though there was no pool to swim in. I loved that there was always a new animal being born because 1) animals are fun and 2) I’m really wonderful at naming pets. I think the farm is one of the reasons my siblings and I were so close growing up. We were all content adventuring around the farm and spending endless hours together. 

Now fast forward to a couple years ago. Almost everyone had moved off the farm because us kids were growing up and moving on to the next phase of things. Due to the circumstances at the time, it looked like the farm wasn’t going to be a part of our family for too much longer. Which broke my heart because as I’ve said, I love that place. But God had a plan that was a million times better than what we had all pictured the future for the farm to look like. 

Through a few different, for lack of better word, miracles, the farm was kept in the family. My parents continue to live on it and now my older sister and her family also live there. There’s no where else that could feel as wonderful to go home to as the place where I spent all my years pre-Nashville. And new life has been poured into this place as it begins to host weddings. It’s incredible to see the way my family has worked their butts off to reimagine what this place looks like. The local newspaper even wrote an article on it right before the grand opening. I mean, it blows my mind to see the way it’s changed over a year and 1) reminds me that things can be redeemed in the most beautiful and unexpected ways and 2) encourages me to keep going after the dreams I have because as cheesy as it is, “Anything is possible.” 

Today is the first booked event at Legacy Hill Farm and I’m already excited to chat with my family on the phone later and hear how everything went. So to everyone who has helped make this thing happen, and especially Mom, Dad, Britni, and Carl, good job and thank you for taking a risk and making something new happen. I’m SO proud of you all. So many people will be loved on by you guys because of the work you’ve been willing to do. How cool. I’m really thankful that you all are my people. 

Also to anyone reading this who is getting married there, it’s 100% likely that I will crash your wedding if I’m in Minnesota when you get married. 


Want to get married at Legacy Hill Farm?? Here’s the website: http://www.legacyhillfarm.com/