Story Behind 'Honey, I Need You'

Tomorrow is a day that I’m very very excited for because my new song “Honey, I Need You” will be released. (!!!!!!) I truly am in love with this song and how it turned out and so if you’re my friend it's likely you've already heard it because I’ve been showing almost anyone who will listen:) After working years on trying to find a ‘sound’ and having a really difficult time creating something that sounds exactly how I’ve wanted it to, it feels like a really big feat to have created this song. Thank you Jesus for that. 

Once again, Paige Blue is a rockstar producer and took my dreams for this song and made it happen in an even better way than I first imagined. I wrote this song on my own and so the song itself felt like my baby (aka I didn’t want the song to get ‘messed up’ in production.) But I knew I could trust Paige to hear what I was hearing in my head and she did. I’m so thankful for her and her abilities and her willingness to be involved. Love you Paige. And once again, Alex Kaptain killed it on the electric. Thank you thank you thank you.

Story of the song: Each week I set aside a day to relax and not do any work. On those days I don’t worry about playing music unless I just feel inspired to do so. A few months back it was a Saturday and I was taking my weekly day off the next day. I went to bed that night with the feeling that I was going to be really inspired the next day and sure enough I was. I listened to “See You Again” by Elle King on repeat probably 20 times that morning and then I sat down on my bed with my guitar and started plucking a little melody. I turned on my phone voice memos and hit record and literally sat and sang the entire song through almost exactly as you’ll hear it on the final recording. 

God just gave me all the words and melodies and the entire song was finished from beginning to end in 15 minutes. He’s a much better songwriter than I am and I’m really thankful he gave me this one to sing:) Afterwards I knew I loved the song because it grabbed my emotion so well. It felt raw and real. I didn’t show anyone the song for awhile though and I’m not exactly sure why. Then the first night my manager and I hung out in her apartment (which was completely empty) I sat on the wood floor and played her the song on her guitar. The empty room made it sound extra amazing. She declared we would record it and that’s how we ended up here! I really hope you listen. I really hope you enjoy. Thanks again to everyone that has been supporting this and that will share this music. I seriously appreciate you more than I can express.