a little snippet on music

In my phone I have a note with song ideas that I’ve kept track of for the last 2-3 years. Amongst the song ideas there are a few random paragraphs that are somehow related to how I feel about music or life or writing. Those little paragraphs are usually written when I’m on a plane because something about flying makes me super inspired. (Probably because I’m closer to heaven;) I read this yesterday when I was looking for a song idea for a cowrite and thought it was really cool, not because I’m a genius but because God is. So if you’ve ever felt emotion when listening to or making music or have the wonderful gift of doing this as a career, I hope this inspires you and affirms that music IS an important thing. 


I think music and lyrics are so powerful. The enemy tries to twist it and make so much of it negative. But that’s not what it’s meant for. A lot of that is the effect of a broken world. But God made music and lyrics and songs to be beautiful and to show himself to us. To relate like he does. To love like he does. To notice the small things. To look abstractly at different feelings and thoughts because he doesn’t look at things like we do. He’s so full of beauty and has a full understanding of all these things that we don’t understand at all. But then he gives us music to understand a little bit more about him. He gives us songwriters to put these things into words. He gives us musicians to play with emotion and passion. Because that’s how he feels. How amazing is that. How beautiful is that. And how blessed are we to be a part of this.