Day 1 - Nashville to Dallas

*Over the next couple weeks I’m out of Nashville for a long trip! I’m driving with my younger brother Levi to Sedona, AZ. Our family is meeting up there for a summer vacation. There are 4 cars of us taking our own road trip to Arizona so I thought I’d document it a little bit! Then after Sedona, I’m heading to San Diego for a day and a half to see my older brother and sister-in-law’s place (YAY) Then flying back to Nash*

Traveling makes my heart so happy. It’s so freeing to drive across the country and breathe in fresh country air. I’m excited to get out of my routine and be reminded of the important things in life because contrary to how it sometimes feels, there are places outside of Nashville, the music industry, and the world I’ve so far known.

Day 1
Yesterday was a successful and super fun first day of vacation. My younger brother, Levi, and I drove from Nashville to Dallas (actually he was the only one driving) in his 2-door Jeep Wrangler. The back window is broken and so we spent the day sweating lots because it’s HOT and also laughing a ton and singing really loud to a lot of good music and a lot of music that is so bad it’s good. 

We stopped at Eighth & Roast in the morning to grab our last bit of Nashville coffee for a little while. Then we drove for a little and stopped in Memphis! That was fun and random. We parked in some church parking lot so we wouldn’t have to pay and then accidentally ended up in the convention center looking for a coffee shop. We later found the shop, called Qawha, and I had an iced chai tea latte which was heaven. We noticed some cool random walls we had parked by so we took a few cool pics and were on our way! Oh yeah, we also walked around as dumb tourists and sang “Walking In Memphis” and laughed way too hard at ourselves:)

After Memphis we drove for hours and hours. We got stuck in traffic for awhile in the middle of Arkansas and passed time by singing old Jason Derulo and B.o.B and messing around on Waze. If you’re driving west past Little Rock and notice some flash flood alerts in Waze that just means me and Levi were bored and burning up in our car haha

Around 7:00 pm we pulled into Dallas and got to our downtown hotel, the Hotel Indigo. It was a short walk from a cool area we had heard of, Deep Ellum. So we walked there and ate at this cool pizza place called Stone Brick Pizza & Pub. Since it was a Sunday night it was a chill crowd on Elm Street, where Deep Ellum is. The area was really cool — full of restaurants, hip bars, cafes, and tattoo shops. 

We got to bed early so that we could hit the road again right away today! I’m sipping on my iced coffee from a Dallas shop called Stupid Good Coffee that we stopped by this morning before we peaced out of the city. Levi’s driving and we are heading to Albuquerque. Let me know if there are any random stops along the way we should check out! 

xoxo from US Hwy 287 in Alvord Texas