Day 2 - Dallas to Albuquerque

Good morning! Levi and I left Albuquerque about 30 minutes ago and we will make it to Sedona today! WOOOO. It is so insanely beautiful out here. That’s why I love road tripping to places. There is just so much beautiful land in our country that you get to see when you drive through all of it. You see the gradual (and sometimes not so gradual) shift in terrain. I left Nashville holding on to a few worries, but when I’m driving out here and seeing the vast land and huge mountains, it takes more effort to keep the stresses than to let them fly away. If a Creator can make all of this, then wow, my worries seem so minute and easily taken care of. 

Day 2 of our trip was exciting and new. We left Dallas yesterday morning and got coffee from a shop near our hotel called Stupid Good Coffee. It was pretty good but also this morning’s coffee blows it out of the water. If you’re ever in Albuquerque and enjoy coffee, check out Zendo. It’s delicious and has a really awesome atmosphere. 

We stopped in Amarillo yesterday and had Whataburger because neither of us had ever had it. I always see people posting pictures of it when they are in Texas so I figured it was really great and convinced Levi that we needed to have lunch there because ‘when in Rome.’ Unfortunately Whataburger was not as amazing as I had hoped but at least I can say I’ve had it now haha 

Once we got to New Mexico, the terrain started to change and instead of just flat land we started to see some really beautiful rocks. Even seeing the red dirt made me excited just because it’s so different from home and means we are getting close to our destination. We pulled off on a little gravel side road and took the whole top of the Jeep off which created some of the best memories and best sunburn:) The weather also couldn’t have been better. 

Once in Albuquerque we found our Airbnb. It was my first time using Airbnb and holy cow, what an amazing experience. We had this little clay house that was the size of a one bedroom apt. It was GORGEOUS. Had the full southwestern vibe throughout it. It’s own little enclosed front deck and back area with a beautiful Mexican blanket hammock. The inside was adorable from mint paint on the walls to a huge decorated ox skull above the bed. It was perfect. And it was right near downtown so we were easily able to check out the city last night. Thank you Kelly and Airbnb!

Take road trips people. They change your life in the best way. And listen to Kings of Leon really loudly while you do it.

xoxo from 40west, right outside Albuquerque