While You're Home For The Holidays

There is nothing more beautiful than love. I’m thankful that this time of year is really making that stick out to me. I’m sitting at the Caribou coffeeshop in my hometown (Red Wing, MN) and as I was just journaling I got distracted by this young mom and her two little boys. The oldest boy, about 3, was sitting on a high stool and sipping his iced mocha and the mom was taking photos of him. I couldn’t help but see how much she treasured this little boy as she smiled at him and held her other baby on her hip. 

Unfortunately, my mind often runs rampant with thoughts about what I can do to be more productive or how some song I just wrote could make my career move forward. I don’t think those are bad thoughts, but I’d rather my mind be dominated by thoughts of how beautiful love is and how blessed I am to be in all the relationships that I am. I am so loved. I love so many. Yet I spend a whole lot of time thinking selfish thoughts about how to move my own life forward.

I’m getting distracted again because now these grandparents are here with their grandson who must be about 5. The boy is sitting on his grandma’s lap while she tickles him and looks at him in complete awe. :) 

Since I flew home a couple days ago, I’ve sort of let my mind slow down a little bit. I haven’t been in Nashville so I haven’t felt as much pressure to be working on music so I’m guessing it’s a little of that and a little bit of it being this time of year. But I’ve just been noticing a lot of love between the strangers around me and even within my own family. 

Things haven’t been perfect since I got back. A solid portion of my first day here looked like sorting through a family argument. But sometimes I think that’s what love looks like. Sometimes its smiling in awe of how amazing the other person is, and sometimes it’s arguing and talking through something so that people understand each other’s hearts. 

My point in this (I think) is that while over the next week we are with those we love, simply appreciate that. Slow down. Don’t judge each other or try to prove anything. Just admire how amazing it is to be loved and to have people to love. And don’t get down when sometimes that might look like an argument. The strongest love will inevitably have arguments. But those relationships grow and last and that for real is the most beautiful thing.