Good Mood Tunes

I’m currently writing from this cute coffee shop (Communal Coffee) in San Diego that also sells flowers and has really incredible avocado toast. And now ‘City Of Stars’ just started serenading me through my headphones as it rains outside so things feel pretty picturesque and beautiful. Man, I love the music from La La Land because it pulls me right back into the movie. The first time I saw it I was talking to this guy I liked so my reaction to the movie was that it was so amazing and the second time I saw it I was crying and distraught at the end because the guy and I had recently decided to stop talking. Woof. All the emotions. 

Life in general has been full of emotions lately - I’m sure most of y’all can relate because I’m I think that’s just life. There are rare moments in life where every emotion you have is a joyous feeling. There are real tough moments where almost each emotion feels heavy and sad. And there are many times in life where the happy and sad emotions play a fast game of pingpong everyday. That’s where I am currently - so many great things and a few tough things that bounce back and forth looking to take the focus of my mind. 

I know that the role music plays in people’s lives looks very different. To me, music has always played an enormous role. And I mean that even completely separate from pursuing music and all that. But just the music I listen to has always played a big role in my life. It helps me sink into the sad feelings that I need to process. The new Ryan Adams album is incredible and on my flight to California I listened to his song “Shiver and Shake” literally 50 times. It’s a sad but beautiful song and my heart needed to feel those things and soak it in. 

While I needed to get out those sad thoughts, I’ve also noticed my need to put on encouraging and happy songs this year when I’ve gone through the tough stuff. I’ve needed to dance to some dang good Betty Who tunes and sing every word to “Crooked Teeth” by Death Cab for Cutie simply because that song makes me feel really good. I say this because per usual, I have random thoughts in my head that I like getting out and because I need to remind myself how important it is to make the little choices that provoke my happiness. For me, making the small choice to put on songs I can sing and dance to, helps life not be so heavy sometimes. Or going for a hike at Radnor to clear my mind changes my entire attitude and that is so worth an hour of my day. I don’t know what little things make you feel better about life but feel free to do those things so that life doesn’t feel overly heavy when it doesn’t need to. As my friend Kelsey Kinsel recently told me - Let it be light. - Sometimes you need to deal and feel the hard things, but then let the heaviness roll off your back after you’ve given it its time. Don’t let it fully take over your joy and dictate your happiness if it truly isn’t something that needs to. And if you don’t know what things put you in a good mood, throw on “Walking On A Dream” by Empire of the Sun really loudly and go for a drive because I feel like that’s a good start:) Happy Monday guys and happy almost March!