Thank You

Not even 2 weeks ago I found out that my brand new song was going to be on TV, playing during the commercial for The Voice that has been airing on NBC during the Olympics. WHAT. Days later and I still cannot fathom that. So many people have heard my voice around this country and that’s a dream! I mean it’s literally something that I’ve worked for most of my life and it feels very surreal. I cannot say thank you enough to the many people that have played an enormous part with this song/process. And since I forever want it written down, I want to again publicly thank these incredible people.

Sam Tinnesz and Joe Williams - Thank you for cowriting and producing this song. In just a few quick hours, we created this masterpiece that now so many people have gotten to hear. Thank you times a million.

Wendy Duffy - Thank you for aiding the entire process. From setting up the cowrite, to loving the song, to landing this spot, I’m SO thankful and happy to work with you. You are a rockstar of a person:)

Megan Cencula - Thank you for taking my favorite photos that I’ve used for a whole lot, including the album artwork of this song. You are so good at what you do and I’m already pumped for the next shoot together! (Check out her work at

Sierra Scott - Thank you for jumping on the bandwagon and creating the handwritten title of the song on the artwork. I so appreciate you and your excitement to help. And you NAILED it. 

Meg Boes - Thank you for making me feel gorgeous on the day of the photoshoot that we used for this artwork. You’re awesome <3

Kelsey - You’re the best manager and friend :) Thank you for your encouragement and support. It’s taken years for me to be truly confident in the dreams that God’s given me and you’ve seriously helped with that more than I can say. 

To you all - and also all my wonderful family and friends - thanks from the bottom of my heart for believing in me throughout the easy and hard times. I love you all.